I am a running, belly dancing, homeschooling Mom to four and wife to a loving husband who works a lot.  I love to spend time planning (especially for big elaborate vegan meals), but our current lifestyle doesn’t offer as much time for that as my detailed-oriented brain would like.  After beginning our veg lifestyle over 3 years ago, I have learned (through many experiments and much trial and error) some of the shortcuts to eating consciously.  Yes, it is sometimes hard to please the pickier little ones, but I feel like it is worth all the effort to help them eat healthily for the rest of their lives.

Vegan in the Kitchen’s goal is to help the busy family with meal planning and frugal buys.  I am excited to review vegan food products and to provide giveaways from time to time, so come back often!

You can contact me via email at veganinthekitchen@yahoo.com.

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  1. Jill,
    Was wondering the web when I ran into you website. It looks great and I wish you all the best with it.

    Take care and keep in touch.


    PS- thank you for the kind words about our shop.

    • Ron,
      We look forward to our next visit! We have started a running list of which flavors we want to try next. 🙂

  2. June has told me about you, but I have just been able to check out your website – love it! Thanks for sharing the great food ideas!


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