Posted on February 17, 2012


My sister-in-law helped me make Veggie Sushi tonight to go with the Stir-Fry from the latest Vegetarian Times magazine.

We chopped up cucumbers, asparagus, carrots and avocado while the Jasmine rice was cooking.

Lay out a sheet of Nori.

Add a layer of hummus and Jasmine rice {that you have stirred a little rice vinegar into to help with the taste and stickiness}. I decided after this first roll to put the layer of hummus on first, then the rice.

Leave a border with no filling since it will squish to the ends as you roll.

Place toppings of choice on top.

Moisten the edges of the Nori by dipping your fingertip into a glass of water.

Roll it up, slice and enjoy!

The gorgeous end of one of the bok choy bunches we used in the stir-fry!