What I Ate Wednesday: Breakfast All Day Edition

Posted on January 11, 2012


Happy Wednesday!  Be sure to check out Peas and Crayons’ WIAW link party.  You will find several veg-friendly blogs with delicious recipes.


Fresh Juice made from kale, cucumber, apples, carrots and a sweet potato (that I spotted last-minute and post-photo shoot).


Blood Oranges – Little M. and I preferred ours sliced.  K. chose to try to drink the juice from hers first.

W. did, too, but then decided to…

…just bite big chunks out of his.


Raw Rainbow Kale Salad created by K. (who just turned 5 last week)! –

Raw Rainbow Kale, Black Olives, Sprouts, Yellow Santa Sweet Tomatoes, Baby Carrots and Annie’s Goddess Dressing on the side

Plus these cute little guys that our friends from Germany sent to us.  Disclaimer:  I am not sure if these are vegan.  The entire packaging was in German (which I do not speak…yet).


And breakfast continues…Tofurkey Pepperjack Tofu Scramble with Yellow Corn Grits, Biscuits and Raspberry Preserves

Look for the recipe soon!

This dish idea came to me at Whole Foods Sunday night when I saw the Daiya cheeses on sale.  I had a flash-back of my younger days when Mom would make scrambled eggs with ham and cheese.  I thought this rendition might taste a lot like that dish.  It did, and it was approved by everyone but K.  She likes her tofu chunked, not mashed.



What are your favorite breakfast-for-dinner dishes?

Have you tried a blood orange?

Check out the WIAW link party here…