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Posted on September 3, 2011


You may have noticed I have been a little quite lately.  Chris and I decided to go on a Bahamian cruise.  It was a bit last-minute and very much-needed (and now coveted, pined over and treasured).  This was our first trip away…alone…in over 6 years!

We were greeted with these “Happy 40th Birthday to Chris” fruit baskets and bottles of wine when we reached our stateroom.  (Handy Cruise Tip:  It is so nice to just chill in your room with a glass of wine and have fruit to munch on early morning or late at night after the buffets have closed.  If you cruise, order these when you book your trip)!

While shopping in Nassau, we got hungry.  We stopped in a second-story restaurant that had a live band playing on their balcony.  We found some vegan options, although mostly carbs.  It was good, but after we left, we did find a couple of Greek and Mediterranean restaurants that may have had a wider selection for us.

Rice and black peas, plantains, hummus with olives and pita and pepitas fritas

When we cruised back, we discovered Hurricane Irene was fresh on our heels.  We evacuated and headed north the day after we arrived home.  I spent the next day praying for the Bahamian lady who had just done my hair braid and for the fake taxi driver who gave us the ride to Atlantis.  (Hint:  If a taxi driver has you walk down a side street to a private car, then drops you off in the parking lot of your destination, claiming he cannot pull to the door, even though you see cabs at the door, you might be in the care of a fake taxi driver).  🙂

We came back home last weekend and spent the first half of the week having last-minute summer fun and preparing for our first day of school.  Thursday marked my first day as a simultaneous first-grade teacher, preschool teacher and nursery teacher.  Homeschool rocks, and not just because we get to dictate our own schedule, but because now, on a Saturday, my kids are asking me when we are going to start school today!

So, now that I am back home and we have started school, I promise more recipes are on the way!  Plus, the “Color Me Vegan” giveaway book arrived while I was gone.  Be sure, to ENTER to win.  The contest will be closing soon!

Here are a few more of my favorite zen photos from the cruise…well, all of them may not be zen, but they are at least all fun!

Having fun at the piano bar one night.  This girl was with a group of 30 who had theme nights every night.  The guy (this chick’s brother) who on their 70’s Night wore a ‘fro wig, a red track suit and huge gold chains was the best.  I never saw her dressed up, just her Mom trying to keep up with her and out of trouble!
Yes, we bought a ton of the cheesy cruise pics!
Our stateroom guy was hilarious.  Never a dull moment when we opened our cabin door and stepped into the hallway.
Better than karaoke.  Chris was thrilled to have the mic most of the night!  He is singing away to the tunes of Rick Atha along with friends we met from Jacksonville, FL and Gardendale, AL.
Can I get a Whooop Whooop?!
Pic op between sets
Coco Cay – The point you see on the right is where we were heading for our (early morning) beach yoga class!
…and more zen.  This is the image that has found a permanent home in my mind. 

I envision this last one daily.

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