What I Ate Wednesday: Uno. Dos. Tres Helpings!

Posted on July 27, 2011


As promised, I am filling you guys in on the vegan Spanish-themed dinner party we just had.  The party was in honor of a lovely Spanish exchange student staying with some of our good friends.

We surprised her with several popular Spanish foods that were all veganized.

  • I brought my grandmother’s Chicken and Yellow Rice and Picadilly entrées.
  • Jess made the Spanish Omelet Tortilla from Vegan with a Vengeance and a delicious Tres Leches Cake.  (Yeah, that can be veganized, too)!
  • And Heidi brought Tomato Millet Casserole, Tapioca Pudding a delicious Guacamole that inspired the Citrus Guacamole I made this week.

Imagine seeing this spread on your dinner table…

Thus the title of this post (and me confessing to the truth that I think we all ate)…

Uno. Dos. Tres Helpings!

Guacamole Appetizer:

This photo cracks me up just as much now as when we staged it.  Obviously, we forgot to snap a photo before the bowl was just about licked clean!  So, we did what any other dutiful food bloggers would do and grabbed the nearest camera phone while telling everyone to grab a tortilla chip and dig in!

Citrus Guacamole that was born thanks to Heidi’s citrus-y suggestions:

The Spread (and a little about its inspiration):

Although, I do not know many details about my ancestry, I do know a few interesting facts…

My maternal great-great grandparents were from Spain.  Their family later moved to Cuba before moving on to the United States.  But, I was raised a southern girl since my grandfather’s family was from Tennessee.  And then there is my father’s ancestry, which is both Irish and German.

So, in a nutshell, my friends and family know me as a GRIT (girl raised in the South), but it’s still fun to surprise people from time to time and tell them that I am a quarter Spanish!

Left to Right:

Yellow Rice, Spanish Omelet Tortilla, Gluten-Free Picadilly, Vegan Picadilly, Spanish Chicken Sauce with Olives and Red Peppers, More Tortilla and Tomato Millet Casserole with Nooch in the Center

Keep an eye out for my Grandmother’s made-over vegan Chicken and Yellow Rice and Picadilly recipes soon!  I hope the plant-based renditions of these family favorites would make my grandmother and her mother and generations before them proud.


I took this photo of leftovers that I brought home.  I cannot believe I forgot to bring the extra leche sauce.  Despite that, can I just reiterate how amazing it is that foods can taste even more amazing after they have melded and married a day or two?!!

Tapioca Pudding and Tres Leches Cake

Thanks to everyone who commented last week with their favorite Spanish dish suggestions.  I am considering doing a cooking day each month during our homeschool year to go along with our Little Passports Geography study.

Our first stop will be Brazil.  Suggestions, please!

And one more thing…be sure to swing by tomorrow.  We have a new GIVEAWAY!

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