What I Ate Wednesday: A Traditional American Summer Day

Posted on July 20, 2011


Since our boys are in camp together this week, my good friend, Jessica, over at Growing Healthy Sprouts, invited me and my two littlest ones to spend an All-American summer day with her, her daughter and their super sweet foreign exchange student.

We did lots of fun things like explore Target with our new friend, caught a $1 movie (the Despicable Me theme song is still jamming in my head)! and spent some time in the pool.

Our day (and eats) were mostly on the go, except for the delicious lunch that Jess prepared for all of us and my delicious evening snack.  You will want to scroll all the way through for that!


We made our way out the door at 7:45 to take W to camp.

Click [HERE] for my homemade version of these delicious Larabars.

Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea Lemonade from the Target Sbux


Extraordinary Tofu Salad, Soup, Raw Veggies, Bread and Iced Tea

Followed by a beautiful display of Cherries and Kiwi that Jess’ husband brought out for dessert

Afternoon Snack:

Everyone had a refreshing post-pool/post-camp orange to rehydrate and energize


I planned an easy meal on this week’s meal plan, since I knew we would be out all day.

Veggie Dogs, Carrot Fries, Southern-Style Hashbrowns and Watermelon

(Stay tuned for my review on these unique Carrot Fries and other Color Me Vegan recipes over the next couple of weeks).

Evening Snack:

Watermelon Granita!

Recipe also came from Color Me Vegan.  Granita, I learned, requires an interesting 3-hour freezing/shaving of the ice process that I ended up “shaving” down to two hours.  This was the perfect sweet and sour evening treat.

Now a Spanish-themed dinner is in the works for our new friend! 

What is your favorite Spanish dish?

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