What I Ate Wednesday: Beach Eats!

Posted on July 13, 2011


This past weekend we had a blast watching the Blue Angels’ Red, White and Blues show on Pensacola Beach.  Today, we spent most of the day playing at the beach.  We brought easy foods to enjoy while jumping waves and riding boogie boards.

The beach eats photos are to follow, but first, thanks to Jenn for hosting this awesome weekly WIAW link party!

Here are a couple of photos from Pensacola Beach, just for you, Jenn!

Fat Albert flying over Casino Beach

Four of the Blues in Diamond Formation over Pensacola Beach

I thought this one was a pretty cool shot.  Number 6 was a little too fast for me, but you can see his vapor trail.

Now to the beach eats!…


Strawberry Banana Romaine Smoothie

Morning Snack:

Decaf coffee with coconut milk creamer and agave


Half of a PBJ, an Alabama peach (that my parents brought to me – thanks, Mom and Dad!), Stacy’s cinnamon sugar pita chips and water

Afternoon Snack:

Red Beans and Rice and Salad my parents brought to us after stopping by one of the local eateries, The Native Cafe’, on their way to meet-up with us on the beach.  (Yes, I get a little spoiled when Mom and Dad are in town).


We ended up just having a quick snack after eating at the beach all day.  So, I am including a photo of our vegan Chick’n and Dumplings dinner from the night before.

Sweet Baby M napping on the beach…Ah, the life!

What are your favorite beach eats? 

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