What I Ate Wednesday: Week 3 (The Mermaidia Edition)

Posted on July 5, 2011


My personal Facebook statuses this week have been all about my life in Mermaidia.  I thought making this week’s WIAW post – the Mermaidia edition – would be fun.  Wait until you see the fun Mermaid food my daughter and I concocted this week!

So, although I have not been living on a beautiful island known for mermaids, nor diving near Atlantica, most everything my daughter and I did do this week, while her older brother was in camp, related to mermaids.  It was her week (as she kept reminding me)!

A while back we made a really cute Cinderella lapbook which got her heart set on doing a complete unit study on every Disney Princess.   So, of course, this week we have been “knee-deep” into all things Ariel/The Little Mermaid.

Some of the Mermaidia fun consisted of creating a lapbook, building a fort grotto complete with hidden treasures, we watched Fish Tale and The Little Mermaid 2, read every sea/ocean book we own, practiced Princess etiquette and learned proper place setting for our “dinglehoppers” at a tea party with a friend and pretended we were mermaids in the swimming pool whirlpool bathtub (since it rained every afternoon).

Here is a photo of my little guy watching his first thunderstorm this week and actually grasping the whole lightning/thunder phenomenon (very cool)!:

The day K and I made Mermaid food for lunch was the most fun we had all week.  She has been very interested in helping cook lately.  She is always  right there beside me on her stool ready to help while I we prepare every meal.

So without further ado, here is my our What I Ate Wednesday ~ Mermaid Eats!

PB&J Sushi

on a bed of “seaweed” (baby spinach leaves):

Ocean Juice

(Blueberry Smoothie):

Mermaid Cuppies

(Coconut Heaven Cupcakes, minus the shredded coconut since Princess does not like it, from Vegan with a Vengeance):

Now to try to make a real sushi roll…Have you done it?  Please share your tricks!

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