My New Best Friend: Rosie, The Mint Robot Floor Cleaner

Posted on June 25, 2011


Let me introduce you to my new best friend, the Mint Automatic Robot Floor Cleaner.  We have named her Rosie.  (Remember The Jetsons)?

She sweeps and mops all of our tile floors, sometimes twice a day.  And she does it all without a single complaint!

The manufacturer suggest using the microfiber towels that came with her or Swiffer cloths.  Since we try to use non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning products in our home, I have been using Dr. Bronner’s and water with her microfiber cloths.

Are you familiar with Dr. Bronner’s products?

I use Dr. Bronner’s SAL SUDS for this job and for many other chores like cleaning counter tops and making homemade diaper wipes solution for the baby.  (That’s another story, but let me just say how much easier cloth wipes are in cleaning up *messes!*  And the homemade solution smells incredibly fresh and clean).

Having Rosie take on floor cleaning duties has been a tremendous help to me in keeping our tile floors in the kitchen and throughout the house clean.  Right now she in on sale for 24% off on Amazon.  Check her out if you have always pined after Jane Jetson’s Rosie, wishing you had a robot to help you out around the house!