Where Do You Shop For Your Produce?

Posted on May 21, 2011


Where do you purchase your produce? Over the past year, I have bought most of my produce from Publix.  But lately, I have had friends recommend places such as small health food co-ops and farmer’s markets.

For months now I have been wanting to visit the farmer’s markets around town.  So far, we have made it out to one.  Back-to-back soccer games on weekend mornings makes getting by there a little tough.  I do love the idea of buying from a local farmer.  It makes sense both financially and environmentally.

This week, I found myself perusing all of the local stores’ weekly ads that came in my paper, in search of great produce deals.  I ended up making rounds to three different stores:  Publix, Winn Dixie and Albertson’s.  It was actually fun seeing the different offerings at each place.  I especially loved this at Winn Dixie…!

I had to post the photo from my phone to Facebook to get a consensus if people thought this meant “With Child,” meaning a child with me, or “With Child,” meaning an expecting new mother.  The vote was for a child in tote.  Yay for great parking at Winn Dixie!

I also found the gigantic bundle of mustard greens above for only two dollars at Winn Dixie!  They are as big as the baby when he is sitting.  A little hint in the produce section:  always reach for the bags/bundles towards the back of the shelf.  They rotate produce in the stores.  The freshest is always in the back.  When trying to pick this monster bundle up, I was surprised at the muscle that I had to exert!

Winn Dixie’s Georgia peaches are what got me in their door, since most stores around central Florida only offer Florida, and later on, Carolina peaches.  If only I could find some Alabama peaches down here!  Finding the $2 greens deal, 88¢ cucumbers, 50¢ fresh bakery bread, Buddy Fruits for 70¢ and Naval oranges for $1, I am now reconsidering the way I shop.  Yes, it will take a little more planning to make a few different stops, but if the result yields like this week’s, it may be worth it.

Where do you shop for your produce?