Vegan Clown Cupcakes

Posted on April 18, 2011


W has been planning his carnival-themed birthday party for nearly a year.  When he asked just days before his party last week for me to make a roller coaster and ferris wheel cake, I knew my idea of simple cupcakes was gone with the wind.  I hopped online and started looking for easier alternatives since we would be baking for 60 people.

When these Kidspot Kitchen clown cupcakes gave W an immediate case of the giggles,  I knew we struck gold.  He approved of clown cupcakes for the bash and off to the health food store we went for dye-free candy.

Vegan Clown Cupcakes:

Quick Tip:  Since I was multiplying the cupcake recipe by 5, I came up with an easy, fast method of sifting  the dry ingredients.  Instead of hand sifting 5 cups of flour, I used my splatter screen on top of a big mixing bowl as my sifter.  One cup of flour at a time did seem to work well, but by tapping it on the counter a few times, it made the sifting process go by quickly.

Here are a couple more photos of the cupcakes at the party: