Simple Steps for a Greener Lifestyle by Your Green Helper

Posted on February 2, 2011


I am thrilled to have Your Green Helper guest post this week!  YGH has started a new series this year on “Simple Steps for a Greener Lifestyle.”  Check out the blog each week for a new tip.  January’s tips include ideas on reducing paper waste, recycling, adding house plants to your home to improve air quality, homemade green cleaners and reducing heat and energy costs (so appropriate right now while many of you are snowed-in)!

Trying to be a little greener in 2011?  I know this is a popular New Year’s resolution for many people. I also realize making changes towards a greener lifestyle can be intimidating. I often get asked where to start. My recommendation is to focus on making one small change at time. This will ease the feeling of being overwhelmed and help ensure your family does not retaliate against your efforts. This year I will be sharing simple steps you can implement to help you succeed on your eco-friendly journey.

Simple Steps for a Greener Lifestyle – Ditch the Paper Towels

One of the first changes I implemented in my home was to ditch the paper towels. I know many of you are reading this and thinking you cannot possibly live without the ease and convenience of your roll of Bounty. Believe it or not, it is really a simple change to make. All you need to do is to invest between $10-20 in a supply of cotton wash cloths. Keep them in a convenient place in your kitchen so they are available for quick clean ups. I have a dedicated kitchen drawer. I know others keep a basket right on their counter. I also keep several hooks behind the under-the-sink cabinet to hang them to dry before tossing in the laundry or to reuse if I can.

I would also recommend going with a darker color of wash cloths. The white ones are less expensive and this is what I originally started using. However, I soon realized the darker colors hid the stains and showed fewer signs of wear. These days I am moving towards bamboo dish cloths. They are super durable and thinner so they take up less space. The bamboo cloths are more expensive so I would wait until you are fully committed to make this investment.

As with any change, it takes a little while getting used to being paperless in the kitchen. However, nowadays even my kids know where the drawer is to grab a cloth towel when they need one.

Janet is a mother of three and understands the value of both your time and your budget.  Her blog, Your Green Helper, is dedicated to helping moms live a green life and save money.  It is updated daily with organic and eco-friendly tips, deals, coupons, free samples and reviews on natural items.