Morningstar Farms Products Are Not All Vegan

Posted on January 31, 2011


If you are a Publix shopper, like me, you know that Morningstar Farms products are Buy One Get One Free this week.  But beware!  I just discovered that Morningstar Farms products are not all vegan thanks to the heads-up from my friend, Gretchen, over at What a Healthy Family Eats.

Apparently, the company began adding egg whites and dairy to some of their previously-vegan products in late 2009, without a statement or changing the packaging.  If you want to try to do some BOGO Morningstar Farms shopping this week, check the Morningstar Farms vegan products list first.

Gardein brand (who I have read were the previous makers of many of the old MF vegan products) recently expanded their vegan meat alternative product line.  You can rest assured all of Gardein’s product line is vegan, as well as, tasty.