7 Days of Interesting Kitchen Gadgets – Day 3: Tealight Candle

Posted on January 26, 2011


Day 3:  Tealight Candle (like this adorable porcelain teacup kitchen tealight)

While watching a Martha Stewart show one day, I learned a tip about how to keep my eyes from watering while chopping an onion.  Martha just happened to throw this ingenious tip out there while chopping onions for a dish she and a celebrity guest were cooking for the segment.

If you light a tealight(or small candle) and place it right next to you while chopping an onion, the fumes from the onion will be burned off by the candle sparing your eyes.  Since I chop onions for dinner frequently, I keep my kitchen tealighthandy on my countertop.

What are your favorite veggie chopping tips?  Do you prefer scented, soy or non-scented when burning candles in your home?

Stay tuned this week for my blogging marathon of more fun kitchen gadgets!  And be sure to check out Day 1 and Day 2.