7 Days of Interesting Kitchen Gadgets – Day 2: Frother

Posted on January 25, 2011


Day 2:  Battery-Operated Turbo Milk Frother

I recently decided to put myself on a Sbux hiatus (with only the occasional indulgence).  I have a pretty large stockpile of teas and coffees from couponing.  All I had left to do is learn how to make a delicious latte’ like the ones they sell in the coffeehouses.

This little guyhas been hiding in my cabinet for, well, I am not sure how long, still in the original packaging.  I decided to give it a “whirl” last week.

This first time, I messed up.  I did not use cold milk, and I already had the coffee and milk in one cup.  Yes, I have lots to learn if I want to become a barista!  However, my latte’ did turn out delicious with a small bubbly top.

After reading the instructions (after I had gotten started), I realized the manufacturer suggests frothing cold milk.  Froth should then be poured over hot coffee.

In addition to becoming your own barista, you can mix salad dressings and shakes with this tool, too.

What are your favorite latte’ or cappuccino recipes?  Have you made a homemade dressing lately that you love?

Stay tuned this week for my blogging marathon of more fun kitchen gadgets!  Be sure to check out Day 1 HERE.