Pink-alicious Vegan Cupcakes

Posted on December 28, 2010


My baby girl is still three…until next week anyway.   For some reason four feels so much older than three, so I am holding on to her babyhood as long as I can.  But since we are on holiday near our family, we thought it would be nice for her to go ahead and have a birthday party with the family.

So, yesterday, we celebrated my daughter’s fourth birthday with the family at Chuck E Cheese.  It was fun, and we practically had the place to ourselves for the first part of the party since we got there early  before the daycares and big crowds hit!

For each of my kids’ birthday parties, I make  vegan cupcakes or cake.  This time, though, I had planned (even through the night before) to make Cookie Sandwiches.  K usually only wants the icing of her birthday cakes, leaving the cake behind.  With all the Christmas Snickerdoodles we (still) have left, I knew she would enjoy them sandwiching a yummy vegan whipped icing with pink jelly beans decorating the sides.

But after I woke up yesterday and started getting ready, I remembered I had a box of Naturally Nora Alot’a Dots cake mix in the pantry.  Naturally Nora cake and icing mixes are dairy-free and made without artificial flavors, coloring, preservatives, or hydrogenated oils.  I wondered if K might enjoy the confetti mix in cupcake form.

I quickly got dressed, so I could bake the cupcakes before we had to leave for the party.  I whipped up The PPK’s Fauxstess Fluffy White Icing with a handful of raspberries to dye the icing pink.  After the cupcakes were done,  I had time to pop the cupcakes in the freezer for about 10 minutes to speed cool them before applying the icing.

They came out simply and perfectly.  She even ate the cake!