Posted on October 28, 2010


Have you ever retrieved the seeds (aka arils) from a pomegranate yourself?  Last year, I wanted to.  I even bought the pomegranate.  Then it went bad, sitting in my fruit bowl.  Sad, I know.  But it really looked intimidating.

Then last night, I tried again.  It’s really easy.  I’ll tell you how below.  But first, I have to tell you about a “dish” I just made using fresh pomegranate.

My kids’ homeschool co-op had their Halloween potluck at a local park today.  Halloween parties call for fun food.  So, I started looking around to find the scariest, tastiest dish.  I found the perfect fruit salad, Pomegranate Mango Salad, to be dubbed “Goblin Brain Salad”.

I changed the recipe up a bit, making it with just the pomegranate and mango, omitting the parsley and scallions, and served it in a goblin head.

Here’s the finished result.

Isn’t he cute. …I mean scary?

Now, how do you open and eat a pomegranate?

Step 1:  Cut off the top.

Step 2:  Make 5 or 6 slits (score) from top to bottom of fruit.

Step 3:  Submerge fruit in a bowl of water, and pull away each section you just scored.

Tip:  Pomegranate juice stains.  The bowl of water will keep the juice from splatter painting you and your kitchen!

Step 4:  Using your fingers, gently pull the seeds (arils) away from the fruit.  The seeds will sink, and the pith will float.  If you see pith on the bottom, you know you missed a few seeds.

Step 5:  Drain, Rinse and Enjoy!