Southern Saturday: Lemonade Stand

Posted on October 16, 2010


The kids and I have wanted to help with the animals affected by the oil spill since the devastation began in April, but I had not found a safe way for my kids to be involved with the restoration.  Then, last week they asked if they could have a lemonade stand.

The donations we accept at the lemonade stand today will go to one of the local organizations helping the gulf coast animals.  I am so excited about this unique charity event that the kids came up with on their own.  It ties in nicely with the unit study we have been doing for school, and it is teaching my children to have servants’ hearts.  For the past few weeks we have studied the oil spill, visited the new Science of an Oil Spill and the Effects on the Gulf Coast exhibit at the McWane Science Center in Birmingham, taken our own core samples (on a beach that I found out was filled with 25 feet of “clean” sand when the Vice President came to town), viewed Youtube vides and put together a booklet of what we have learned.

The De Luna Fest is in full swing on the island of Pensacola Beach this weekend.  So, we are about to get to squeezing several pounds of lemons then head downstairs to sell some yummy homemade lemonade to the droves of festival-goers.  Hopefully, we can help at least one of these birds.

For a healthy, homemade lemonade recipe check out this limeade recipe, and substitute with lemons.