How To Order a Vegan Brunch

Posted on September 13, 2010


Have you ever sat at a restaurant table eying an extensive menu, but still pondering, “What can I eat that is filling, delicious and vegan?  That was me yesterday.

cheapeats on Flickr

After church on the beach (yes, doesn’t that sound amazing?!), we walked down the Quietwater Beach boardwalk on Pensacola Beach to eat at Hemingway’s Island Grill.

The Sunday Brunch menu consists of items like Belgian waffles, island flair Crab Cakes, Eggs Benedict and Gouda Grits.

I decided I would try what I used to order at a local cafe’ after my Saturday morning long runs.  A trio of la carte items:

Breakfast Potatoes,

Fresh Fruit

and Sautéed Spinach.

The sweet waitress said she would ask about the spinach, but thought the fruit and potatoes would be no problem.  My meal came out with everyone else’s much to my delight.  There were more than enough potatoes, a huge bowl of fruit including melons, grapes and strawberries (all super fresh) and a plate full of sautéed spinach, not just a small handful.  They brewed fresh decaf for me to sip along with my water.  And I got to steal a muffin from the basket that came with everyone else’s entrée orders.  My meal cost a whopping $5.99!  It was very filling, delicious and meatless.