Zen Soy Soy Pudding

Posted on August 31, 2010


The kids occasionally have home school co-ops that fall during lunch time, so the last few weeks I have been shopping for snacks to put in their lunches.  Of course, I always include fruit, and not too long ago there was a great deal on raisin packs, Pirate Booty and applesauce that I stocked up on.  When I caught a glimpse of Zen Soy soy pudding at a Publix across town the other day, I thought I would give it a try.

They had several flavors to choose from: vanilla, chocolate, banana and chocolate/vanilla swirl.  We have not had much luck finding a vegan chocolate pudding that the whole family enjoys, so I had high hopes when I picked up the chocolate pudding packs.

Wow, was it good!   The kids thought it tasted like hot chocolate and my omnivorous mother raved over the flavor.  We will definitely be trying out the other flavors, too.

Zen Soy products are certified vegan and organic, and they use non-GMO soy.  Check out their website to read more about the products they offer, their commitment to the environment, get recipes (including a Guiltless Super Smoothie that sounds amazing) and to locate a store near you that carries Zen Soy products.