Meatless Monday: A Couple of Tofu Dishes From a Cool Place Called Sluggo’s

Posted on August 30, 2010


On our recent visit to Pensacola Beach we discovered Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant and Bar in downtown Pensacola.  Just thinking about their abundant menu makes my stomach growl.

In the spirit of being at the beach, I decided on the Panhandle Tofu.  Who could pass up tofu dressed up like fish, covered with a creamy vegan tartar sauce with raw veggies and vegan *cheese grits* on the side?!

While every last bite of mine was delicious, I was so glad when my Mom offered for me to taste her Curry Bowl (with the curry sauce on the side).

I am so in love with our new find and cannot wait to get back up there.  I have a new dream of tasting *everything* on that menu, picking back up with the Spicy “Cheeky” Wings.

If you are into the nightlife, Sluggo’s has beer on tap and offers live entertainment several nights each week.  And if you are a coffee lover, like myself, they have delicious coffee and *coconut milk* creamer that they love to share.  Daily dessert menus are posted on the board at the bar.