Southern Saturday: Vegetarian Meals On the Road

Posted on August 28, 2010


We do quite a bit of traveling.  When we first began eating a plant-based diet, I found it very hard to eat out.  Since then I have learned a few tricks like ordering sides from all the dinner entrées, having the chef prepare pasta with any vegetables they want to throw in or getting a nice salad minus the cheese and balsamic vinaigrette on the side.  Eating vegetarian meals on the road is still hard at times though.  We pack fruit and snack bags, but it is nice to be able to stop and eat warm veggies for dinner before hopping back in the car for another several hours of driving!

Granted some of the places we frequent may not be low-fat, but they have been lifesavers when the kids have eaten all the apples, are tired of the pretzel rods and want a warm dinner!  We like places like Cracker Barrel, Po Folks and Bob Evans where we can pick from a number of Southern sides.

Here is a photo of my meal from the buffet at my son’s favorite truck stop.  (He likes it so much because they have a claw game, like the one in Toy Story, in their lobby)!

Which places do you frequent when eating out on the road?