“Friend the Friendless, and Give a Smile and a ‘Hello’ to the Lonely.”

Posted on August 22, 2010


We went to church at Worship on the Water on the beach today.  The pastor had all the kids come to the front to receive what looked like hand-made wooden cross key chains.  The idea is to put them on their backpacks, so they will remember that they have people who love them if they are in need of encouragement at school.  My favorite part of the ceremony was during the prayer when the pastor prayed that the kids would “friend the friendless and give a smile and a ‘hello’ to the lonely.”

Even just a week into the school year, I have already heard too many stories of cruelty that kids are facing among peers at school. Please pray for your kids and their friends that no-one will be left out nor isolated this year.  “Friend the friendless and give a smile and a hello to the lonely.”