98 Limes and a Limeade Recipe

Posted on August 19, 2010


I promised to share some healthy citrus ideas with you today when I posted that delicious Key Lime Pie recipe on Tasty Tuesday.  Since we picked 98 limes off our tree in the backyard (and there are more waiting to be picked), I have had to come up with creative ideas to use them since.  If you have lemon or orange trees, or just an abundance from shopping, I am sure you can use some of these ideas for your citrus produce, as well.

My grandmother’s old timey juicer has found a permanent home on my kitchen counter as of late .  I have a big, nice electric juicer but feel like the manual method is an easier clean-up, plus it’s a good workout juicing 10-20 limes at a time!

One of the kids’ favorites has been limeade.  I make it just like old-fashioned homemade lemonade.  (See recipe below).

Our Lime Harvest

I have also been putting up the lime juice.  My friend Kristin’s Mom passed along her tip of putting the lime juice in ice-cube trays to freeze.  Freezing in cubes makes it easy to just grab a frozen cube of juice whenever you need it.

Aside from plans to make Margarita Cupcakes from “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World,” making the key lime pie earlier this week, giving bags of limes away to friends and family, I am still trying to come up with more yummy recipes.   I would love to hear your ideas.


  • 3 Limes
  • Water (to fill a 2 quart pitcher)
  • 1 Cup Sweetener (I use ½ cup sugar and ½ cup agave)

Wash limes.  Cut each in half, and squeeze as much juice as you can into a pitcher.  Toss limes into pitcher.  (You can slice the limes for a prettier appearance).  Add sweetener.  Stir in about ½ cup hot water to quickly dissolve sugar, if using.  Fill rest of the way with cold water. Stir and enjoy over ice.