Elmo’s Happy Healthy Snack Chart for Kids

Posted on August 6, 2010


Earth’s Best Organic has a cute, FREE printable SNACK CHART for kids.  I just printed ours to hang on the refrigerator next to the kids’ Letter of the Week projects.

Thinking back to when I first went vegan, a friend of mine and I held each other accountable by emailing our daily food logs to each other.  I also kept my daily food journal on the refrigerator.  This was partly for convenience, but also to make me consider my food choices.  I would always think before I put something in my mouth, “You know you’re going to have to write this down don’t you?”  Most of the time that self-inflicted guilt would help me make a healthier choice.

Investing that extra effort into helping me learn to eat healthier during those early days has definitely paid off.  My highest hopes are that the extra efforts (like hanging Elmo’s Happy Healthy Snack Chart on the fridge) will help my kids make wise food choices for themselves later in life.