Summertime Fresh Fruit

Posted on July 24, 2010


Snack time at the pool the past few days has consisted of cherries, cherries and more cherries!  We love enjoying the sweet and tart varieties each summer.  According to Publix’s At Season’s Peak website, we better enjoy them while we can.  They are at peak through most of July.  Visit Publix’s page for seasonal fruit schedules, recipe ideas and to sign up for at season’s peak produce alerts which occasionally contain coupons!

Today, a mom and daughter we met at the pool had cherries halved and pitted.  I thought, “How wonderful for her to provide this nutritious snack for her little one, but boy I sure am thankful my kids have mastered pitting themselves!”  Most of the time we just make sure we have a place to discard of the pits the old-fashioned way.  But we have been known to have a little extra fun pre-pitting (with the kids help, of course) with a pitter.  My mother-in-law gave us a nifty plastic cherry pitter that the kids have a ball using.  Ours is a simple single pitter, but I found this one that pits multiple cherries at once, that I would love to try.

What are your favorite fun in the sun poolside snacks?  We hope to enjoy a few more bags of cherries this summer before they are gone and it’s melon time.