Organic Vegan Beach Pops Locally Made in Pensacola Beach

Posted on July 23, 2010


After reading the marketing flyer my Dad picked up at Beach Pops on Pensacola Beach, I knew it would be difficult to decide on just one of their 24 flavors of organic, locally made frozen treats!  I thought it was a perfect idea to cool off with these frozen delights today, but not such a perfect idea to make the half mile hike from our condo in the 90 degree heat with 3 kids and a double stroller!  My son asked if next time “couldn’t we take a car?”

Once inside, the trek proved to be well worth the sweat.  I learned these healthy Mexican style popsicles are bigger than the ones we are used to and are healthy, too!  The menu is divided into two categories of pops:  one side that is milk or milk and cream based and another that is juice based.  I asked if the juice based pops are vegan friendly.  I found out that yes, they are, plus the pina colada flavor (on the milk-based side of the menu) is specially made with coconut milk.

They explained in detail how the grape-flavored Purple Worm has real apple pieces inside (my daughter was already sold on the color, but the apple pieces pushed her over the edge) and that my son should probably go with the Fuzzy Navel (or plain peach as I explained more clearly to a five-year-old) instead of the Turkish mango that he was debating since it was spicy due to the cayenne.  He ended up with the pina colada I was eyeing and I decided on the strawberry, banana, mango, because of course, we could all share!

The proprietors were incredibly nice.  They gave the kids pre-cut muffin cups to catch the pop drips, napkins and promotional Frisbees.  They even brought wet wipes outside to us as we sat in their brightly painted Adirondack chairs licking our treats as quickly as we could so not to lose more than a few drips to the sweltering sidewalk.

I have already promised the kids we would go back at least one or two more times before we leave our favorite beach in a few days.  If you are in town stop by (look for my daughter’s drawings and artwork she gave them that they so sweetly hung on the wall), and let me know what flavors you try.  Or if it’s too hot for you to leave your poolside, call them up.  They deliver!

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